Authors are invited to submit original manuscripts, in English.

PCI 2021 proceedings will be published by ACM in the International Conference Proceedings Series (ICPS), ISBN: 978-1-4503-9555-7. Accepted papers will be limited to six (6) pages in two-column ACM conference format in the conference proceedings.

However, the submission of manuscripts for review will be done in single-column format (instructions follow). Approximately eight (8) single-column pages give six (6) two-column pages. Therefore, submissions of up to eight (8) single-column pages are acceptable.

Authors should be aware that, if their manuscript is accepted, they will upload their papers to the publishing system which will check if their papers exceed the limit of two-column six (6) pages. If so, they will need to adapt the contents of their papers, so that this limit is not exceeded.

All submitted papers will undergo a peer review process, coordinated by the Program Chairs. The submitted papers will be peer-reviewed on basis of technical quality, relevance to scope of PCI, originality, significance, and clarity. Note that submitted papers should have neither been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere.

Steps for Submission

1a: (Microsoft Word): Write your paper using the Submission Template (Review Submission Format) in single-column format. Follow the embedded instructions to apply the paragraph styles to your various text elements

1b: (LaTeX): Please use the latest version of the Primary Article Template - LaTeX (1.79; published August 30, 2021) to create your article submission. Use the “manuscript” call to create a single column format. Please review the LaTeX documentation and ACM’s LaTeX best practices guide should you have any questions.

Questions concerning submissions:

Please, contact using “submission process request” as a subject.