The PCI 2021 registration fees follow:

# Registration Type Non-EPY member EPY member
1 Author presenting one paper ¹ 200€ 150€
2 Author presenting two papers ¹ 275€ 225€
3 Author presenting three papers ¹ 350€ 300€
4 Participant (not presenting paper) ² 20€ 15€
5 Additional fee for physical attendance of the conference ³ 100€ 100€

Registration Form

Authors should provide the numbers of papers for which they pay the registration fees and for each of these papers should declare which one of the paper’s authors is the corresponding one (in charge for the interaction with ACM for the copyright, etc.). The following is an example of an author (Ted Markou) participating in 2 papers and making the registration for both:

Submission number Authors Title
35 Argyrios Kokkinos, Mary Popins and Ted Markou Some paper title
53 Olga Azarou, Ted Markou and Lena Tsiotra Some other paper title

This author could provide the following information (within the Registration Form):

Submission number corresponding (in charge for the interaction with ACM for the copyright, etc.)
35 Argyrios Kokkinos
53 Lena Tsiotra

Payment Method

In order for the registration to be effective, participants have to deposit the registration fee to the Greek Computer Society (EPY), in the following account:

  • ACCOUNT HOLDER: Greek Computer Society (EPY)
  • ACCOUNT NO: 151-00-2002002178
  • IBAN: GR53 0140 1510 1510 0200 2002 178

In the place reserved in the deposit receipt for the “Reasoning of the Payment”, please complete your full name and the phrase “PCI2021 ”. Replace the with the number provided in the subject of your acceptance letter.

For participants from Greece only, in case an invoice is to be issued (apart from the Conference Receipt), please fill in and fax or email the Invoice Request Form which is supplied separately. Please note that registration prices do not include VAT 24%. Therefore, only for the case that an invoice is required, the payable amount corresponds to the aforementioned prices, plus 24% VAT.

Camera Ready papers

Submission of Camera Ready papers for inclusion in PCI2021 Proceedings will last until a few days after the Conference. Related details will be announced in due time.